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Flight Simulator for PC and MAC by IENT

With WarBirds Online, you can fly and fight against human aviators from around the world, go one on one with them, or join into historical air battles with hundreds of human piloted aircraft, all battling in the same airspace for Allied or Axis Air Dominance!

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Thanks for the comment.  We will work on improving the Download Link.  We probably should flash the notice under the Sign Up, Login, buttons!  Come join the 4th Fighter Group.  A great Squadron.  Email CustomerService@ient.com and ask us for contact information and we will get you into the next event.  IENT

OK OK Found out how to download ...for anyone else who is dumb enough like me not to see the big logo which say's "Total SIMULATION series" and think thats all it is ...becqause it don't have the words like Download here? ...always found this company misses out on simple things lie that ...because they play it all the time they know where the buttons are...its not secret ..just blends into the web page so throuws people off ...I wonder how many people they have lost because of stupid stuff like that...

Or Maybe it's a test...if you see the logo and you click on it you passed....

No I didnt think so either I just saw the More info tag withthe underline expecting the download to be there...

how to download it?